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Elite Credentials

Neal has consistently ranked among the top criminal attorneys in the United States, including being named one of the “Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorneys” in Texas and being Board Certified in Criminal Law. He worked for over ten years with legendary criminal lawyer Dick DeGuerin, with whom Neal still occasionally co-counsels on cases. Neal has handled everything from simple misdemeanors to complex federal felonies to being lead counsel in a landmark United States Supreme Court case.

Complete Attention

Neal treats each case with the utmost importance, as if he himself were the client. He handles a small number of cases because he wants hands-on contact with all aspects of his cases. He does not treat your case as “just another case” or “just another client.” He understands how scary and stressful the criminal process can be for you. If something is urgent for you, it is urgent to him.

Extraordinary Results

Neal has a proven track record of success at all phases and in all types of cases. He has handled cases in federal courts as well as state courts all over Texas, including Harris, Montgomery, Fort Bend, and Jefferson counties. He has earned results in trials that have garnered national and international media attention. Yet he understands the importance of being discrete and protecting your privacy. He’s particularly proud of his record of dismissal.

Take their word for it

“I would not hesitate for one second to recommend Neal as the very best defense attorney that can be found.”

“Neal declined the offer of a two-year probation and continued to push harder with the District Attorney in spite of the fact that we had already paid him his fees in full.”

“I bombarded Neal with calls and e-mails, and he always returned my communications the same day, answered all of my questions and concerns, and made me feel like I was his only client.”

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